Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety



Given the volume of harms targeted by the HIIN, we are cognizant of the need for on-demand, HAC-specific resources to accelerate the rate of change at your organization. Below you will find descriptions of HIIN resources to help you in your efforts:

Starter Packs

These two-part webinar seires resources are designed to provide comprehensive background in each HAC with tools and resources to begin impelementing immediate improvement efforts.

Improvement Action Networks

A cohort of HIIN hospitals will be invited to receive coaching and personalized feedback on improvement-resistant HAC areas over a ten-week period.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Network

This online forum enables organizations to share forms, policies, toolkits, presentations and any other resources aimed at HAC prevention and reduction. Options to provide or receive mentorship from other facilities is also available here.

Improvement Calculator

This electronic resource allows you to import quality data to track harm rates and cost savings in pursuit of safety across the board.