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Improvement Advisor Site Visits

Improvement Advisor Site Visits

IHA is dedicated to offering Improvement Advisor site visits to HIIN hospitals that request assistance. William Peters is an improvement sciences expert who specializes in quality, service and financial improvement whom IHA has partnered with to deliver a variety of Improvement Advisor site visits in the HIIN. William is an Institute for Healthcare Improvement trained "Improvement Advisor" and serves as IHI Faculty on both domestic and international projects. To learn more about William please visit his website Quality Improvement Fundamentals

Through the HIIN, William will be offering 10 different 1-2 day site visits which your organization can take advantage of free of charge. Due to capacity constraints, site visits will be limited in 2017-2018. If your organization would like to take advantage of one of the site visit options outlined below we ask that you fill out the form at the bottom of this webpage and IHA will circle back with you. Site visits will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis.

Improvement Advisor Site Visit Offerings

Improvement Sciences 101:

By what method will we reach our goals? We can teach the improvement sciences to line staff or senior leadership. The improvement sciences consist of two main areas of study: the use of data for improvement (“analytical data methods”) and an improvement methodology, “The Model for Improvement”. This service can be tailored to fit your organizations particular knowledge gaps and consists of no less than ½ a day and no longer than two days.  The essence of the training is to improve the organizations capacity to improve. Put another way, “increase your batting average when it comes to quality, service, operational, financial or people improvement.”

The Model for Improvement Deep Dive:

The improvement sciences consist of two major areas of knowledge: “the use of data for improvement” and “The Model for Improvement: a method by which to reach your goals.” At times, an organization understands the use of data for improvement but lacks a method by which to reach their goals. We can teach an introduction style course on the model for improvement in as little as 4 hours, and if given two days we can take a “deep dive”. Content can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Data for Improvement Deep Dive:

The improvement sciences consist of two major areas of knowledge: “the use of data for improvement” and “The Model for Improvement: a method by which to reach your goals”.  Sometimes, an organization already uses a particular improvement methodology (i.e. Lean) but lacks the knowledge of the use of data for improvement, or “analytical data methods.” We teach an introduction-style course on the data for improvement in as little as 4 hours, and if given two days we can take a “deep dive.” Content can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Provide review and guidance for struggling or overdue projects:

There are times when organizations may not understand what it is that is preventing progress on an improvement project.  It can be very helpful to get facilitation from another perspective.  It is also a great opportunity to uncover strengths and weaknesses within an organization’s capacity to improve. Typically, this service can be delivered within a day.

Reviving “stalled projects":

It is common for projects to become stalled because new ideas for change are not being generated. We can facilitate a half-day session on creativity techniques that are incredibly useful at seeing problems from a different angle, at developing new and creative changes to test or implement. We can also teach “change concepts” from “The Improvement Guide: A Practical Approach to Enhancing Organizational Performance.”  These “change concepts” are categorized into 11 categories of types of changes that will result in improvement. Both approaches are very helpful at providing improvement teams with new ideas to test on a small scale.

Provide guidance on launching new projects:

Projects that are launched successfully, using time honored improvement methodology, typically end in success. There are certain steps we can facilitate to make sure all activity is with purpose (i.e. setting an aim, creating measures, removing resistance, drafting a “charter”, etc.). Up to a full day can be used to ensure your project is well thought out, defined and launched with the greatest chance of success.

Assist in creating a “dashboard” or a “system of measures":

Dashboards are often developed to track and monitor mission critical data. This process typically consists of two days. The first day consists of meeting with leadership, medical staff and line staff to understand the use of data for improvement, or “analytical data methods,” and meeting with a resource that will be responsible for maintaining the end product to ensure data is available and in the correct format. The second day consists of reviewing the draft dashboard with leadership (often at least one board member is involved) and learning the science of interpretation (know when and when not to react). The second day concludes with a final set of measures being agreed upon and then ensuring the resource that will update the dashboard is properly trained. Content and timing can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization (some hospitals already use “run charts”, most at this point do not).

Improvement Audit:

The Improvement Audit will assess your organization’s capacity for improvement. What are your strengths and weaknesses? In what particular areas of knowledge do you need more development in? This is typically a day long endeavor which will require access to interview leadership, medical and line-staff. Ideally, we can also spend at least 30 minutes with one or more of your board members and present the findings in a succinct report that lists both the areas of knowledge to learn (i.e. “running PDSA cycles”, “using data for improvement”, etc.) and why they are important to learn.

Open dialogue on the improvement sciences:

This could cover topics specific to your organization and could be at the leadership, board or line-staff level.  Content can be tailored to meet the knowledge deficits within your organization.

Improvement Sciences Primer for Executives:

Currently, leadership in healthcare seem to be well aware of why learning about how to become better at improvement is critical, but lack the practical day-to-day behaviors which drive improvement projects to success. We can teach an “Improvement Sciences Primer for Executives” within a day-long visit. This is recommended for all C-Suite leaders as well as board members serving in any kind of quality oversight role.

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