Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety

Simulation Training

GLPP HIIN Simulation Trainings

The IHA is partnering with simulation centers across the state to bring HIIN members the opportunity to learn and apply simulation strategies to the reduction of Hospital Acquired Conditions in 2019.

Simulation Training - Summary

The Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center will provide multi-modal education to HIIN members. These sessions will be capped at 25 participants, so register while spots still remain! All events are being offered free of charge to Illinois HIIN hospitals. 
Training events will be highly engaging and emphasize the use of simulation-based strategies to facilitate change in HIIN hospitals. Our focus in these events will be to provide attendees with simulation-based tools and techniques to augment the pursuit of higher quality care, patient safety and healthcare resiliency at the unit level. Our goal is to provide learners with another set of tools with which they can engage their frontline staff to identify system problems that contribute to adverse outcomes.

It is not essential for learners to have access to high fidelity simulation labs or equipment to come to these events. The tools and strategies discussed may be implemented in any organization with any level of resources.

Simulation Training - Project Overview

Our planned curriculum is a train-the-trainer model in each subject area. Content overview and specifics of the day's offering will be held in large group sessions. Particular emphasis is given to professional (adult) learning principles and creating tailored needs assessments in clinical areas using simulation. Small group activity and personal instruction will constitute the bulk of the time at the learning event. Our desire will be to provide familiarity to simulation technologies and techniques relevant to the content areas. These sessions will be highly interactive and include opportunities to practice with simulation devices as well as to practice facilitation with other learners.

Clinical managers/leaders, point-of-care staff, clinical educators and any other members of your HIIN improvement teams are welcome and encouraged to attend these trainings. Sending a team of at least two individuals is highly encouraged; the more the merrier! The trainings will provide a train-the-trainer curriculum intended to be brought back to your facilities and replicated with other clinical care teams.

Simulation Training - Registration

Date Topic Location Registration Link
August 1, 2019 Readmissions Jump Center- Peoria Register Here
September 13, 2019 Sepsis Jump Center- Peoria Register Here
October 1, 2019 Falls Jump Center- Peoria Register Here
December 11, 2019 VAE Jump Center- Peoria Register Here
February 5, 2020 C. diff Jump Center- Peoria Register Here
March 3, 2020 VAE Jump Center- Peoria Register Here

Simulation Training - Agenda

Please refer to each registration link for specfic timing for your event day. All simulation events will be 5-6 hours long, and include four breakout simulation modules. The four modules will focus on technical skills, patient and family engagement, socio-technical risk assessment, and attitude needs assessment. Lunch is provided by each participating simulation center.

We hope your HIIN team will take advantage of this unique opportunity to utilize simulation training techniques as new process improvement tools in your journeys to reduce all-cause harm and readmissions. If you have any questions regarding these simulation trainings please contact the HIIN team.