Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety

IL Medication Safety Coalition

Illinois Medication Safety Coalition (IMSC)

Our Vision

An environment free of medication-related harm.

Our Mission

Improving medication safety in Illinois through pharmacist-led collaboration for every patient, every time.

Our Purpose

  • Inspire pharmacists' engagement as quality improvement partners
  • Collaborate to spread innovations and best practices
  • Provide resources and opportunities for healthcare professionals and patients
  • Instill medication safety as a top core value of the pharmacy profession in Illinois
  • Recognize pharmacists as trusted leaders in medication safety

Current IMSC Initiatives

  1. Adverse Drug Event Prevention
    • Hypoglycemia (Diabetic Agents)
    • Excessive bleeding (Anticoagulants)
    • Over-sedation and overdoses (Opioids)
  2. Medication Safety Awareness Campaign
  3. Transitions of Care: Hospital to Long-Term Care

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