Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety

MAPS PSO 2018-2019 Calendar

MAPS PSO 2018-2019 Events Calendar

These member-only events are part of your program benefits. We encourage you to learn more about our program offerings, register and participate. Registration links will be provided as we approach each event.  Resources from events will be posted on the password-protected portions of our website shortly after each event occurs. All events are Central Time unless noted otherwise. Please note that Safety Sessions are in collaboration with Great Lakes Partners for Patients HIIN initiative and open for enrollment to MAPS PSO members.

For questions on MAPS PSO events, contact Carrie Pinasco, Director at 630-276-5845.

     Date    Topic Time   Registration-Materials
Dec 6, '18  MAPS PSO Coordinator User Group Call - Operational Topic - Data and our Annual Report 2pm -2:45pm email MAPSHelp@team-iha.org for info
Dec 12, '18 Patient Safety Quality Improvement Act in Illinois: Lessons Learned from Daley v. Teruel Webinar Featuring IHA Vice President and and Deputy General Counsel, Legal Affairs, Marilyn Hanzal
3pm -4:00pm
email MAPSHelp@team-iha.org for info
Jan 15, '19 IHA GLPP HIIN/MAPS PSO Safety Session:Sepsis Prevention - Locations: Naperville, NIU Campus and Springfield IHA offices
9am - 3:30pm
Feb 14 '19 MAPS PSO Safe Table: Foundations of Critical Thinking for HRO- Locations: Naperville and Springfield IHA offices 9am - 5pm
Registration to come