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Implementation Playbook Solutions

Implementation Playbook Solutions

The Illinois Health and Hospital Association has worked with several hospitals and community based organizations to create Implementation Playbooks based on high impact innovations, best practices and quality improvement innovations from across the state of Illinois. 

The aim of these Implementation Playbooks is to leverage the reach of the IHA and the talent of our hospital members and community partners to accelerate the spread of these innovations to improve the lives of our patients. 

The implementation playbooks provide:
  • Outcomes and evidence critical to supporting why each innovation is successful
  • Tactical & Practical steps to implement the program
  • Who needs to be on board & involved
  • Obstacles, Barriers, Learnings, & Successes
  • The Spread site’s experience with integrating the innovation
  • Observations from the IHA
  • Tools to game plan implementing the innovation at your hospital
The implementation playbooks are a resource for organizations to continue improvement efforts across multiple topic areas.

The playbooks are listed below and are available for digital distribution: 

Antibiotic Stewardship Program​

This playbook provides a strategy for implementation and compliance with the core elements of hospital antibiotic stewardship. The aim of this implementation playbook is to spread this innovation that reduces broad spectrum antibiotic use, decreases resistance to antibiotics, and lowers unnecessary costs.

Daily Interdisciplinary Safety Huddle on Device Utilization and Hospital-Acquired Infections

This playbook provides guidance for how to implement a daily interdisciplinary safety huddle to decrease the use of indwelling devices.

ED Recidivism and Unnecessary Hospital Admissions and Readmissions

This playbook provides an overview of a program that integrates proactive care planning and innovative interdisciplinary designed care management to reduce healthcare cost and readmission rates. This program focuses on emergency department patients with a high recidivism rate and/or incur a high rate of admissions.

Reducing C. difficile Infections

This playbook walks through a strategy that organizations can implement to reduce Clostridiodes difficile infections (CDI). This strategy focuses on dramatic changes to the CDI testing protocol.

Social Determinant of Health Screening in the Emergency Department

This playbook is a guide to help organizations implement social determinant of health (SDoH) screening in the emergency department in partnership with a local community-based organization (CBO).This playbook outlines the steps to implement the screening process and develop partnerships with CBOs to support patients in the community.

Enhancing Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health

This playbook provides a step by step approach to enhance partnerships and referral processes between healthcare facilities and community based organizations to move the needle with addressing social determinants of health.  This approach focuses on identifying gaps in resources, developing relationships with partner organizations, outlining opportunities to improve efficiencies in the referral process, and implementing new processes to support individuals in the community.

If you’ve decided to move forward on exploring implementing one of the playbook solutions, please click the link below to visit IHA's Healthcare Innovation Hub.  We are here to help you with guidance and resources you may need, and would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact your IHA HIIN team.