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National Patient Safety Awareness week is March 10-16
National Patient Safety Awareness Week 2019 has started!  Are you ready to motivate your teams to seize opportunities for safety? This is an annual event that encourages everyone to learn more about health care safety. Preventing harm in the health care setting is a public health concern.  MAPS  wants to help you address this concern by providing your patient safety teams with tools, resources and collaboration to promote patient safety.

MAPS offers a variety of resources to help your patient safety teams learn about patient safety and ideas to promote patient safety in your organizations. We will be sending out three additional emails next Monday on Falls, Wednesday on Medication Safety and Friday on Culture of Safety and the Workforce to assist you in your patient safety efforts. Read more..

Mark your calendar-2-14-19 - MAPS PSO Safe Table – Critical Thinking
Foundations of Critical Thinking Complimenting HRO

MAPS PSO members will be exposed to a full day of cognitive and instinctive thinking along with key strategies that will maximize individual critical thinking and reasoning abilities. In healthcare’s fast paced, ever changing, complex environment, effective problem solving and decision-making skills are critical to patient safety. This innovative safe table will discuss human factors and approaches that will re-shape thinking to improve operations and resources to execute high reliability principles within organizations. Teams will be provided with cases to discuss new methods of thinking and evaluating processes.
March 4 – Call to Collaborate: From Screening to Action – Readmissions Safety Session

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) remain an area of opportunity for hospitals in the care coordination space. The challenge of capturing SDOH data on our patients and translating that data into action is one that too often goes unmet. In our effort to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time for every patient, we must begin to more effectively collect and act on SDOH data. 

This safety session will be complimentary to all GLPP-IHA HIIN and MAPS PSO members and provide examples of programming and strategies centered around SDOH and their impact on care coordination and readmissions.