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Join MAPS PSO member organizations on Thursday June 25, from 1pm-2:30pm CT  to learn about practices for infection prevention during COVID-19 and how to establish strategies to prepare for future events.  MAPS will be hosting a secure safe table webinar for all members to discuss the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This event is for open for all MAPS members to attend.  The safe table will feature team leads from two hospitals who will be discussing their stories about COVID testing policies/screening challenges and utilization of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE equipment.)  The IHA team will also be presenting the issues of transitioning patients from the hospitals and healthcare settings back to long term care facilities.  Presenters will be interviewed and asked to share their stories, challenges, barriers and innovations learned over the past months.  Take the opportunity to look at the Agenda and Register now!
Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) is closely monitoring the national, Illinois, and local developments concerning the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Your membership to MAPS is important to us. We understand that your staff is on the front lines of caring for your community.  With unprecedented challenges and a “new normal” emerging, our top priority is to provide you with support and resources to stay informed.

The Illinois Health and Hospital Association (IHA) is working daily to determine the best information for our health care community. They have been working with our colleagues at The Illinois Department of Health (IDPH,) the City of Chicago, and numerous statewide representatives.

Resources from IHA: We encourage all of our members to visit IHA’s Updates on COVID-19 web page. This is a comprehensive and up to date listing of web sites, materials and key take-aways. IHA is posting daily updates on the latest news and information.  Feel free to share with your staff. You can call the COVID-19 hotline at 1-800-889-3931 or email DPH.SICK@ILLINOIS.GOV.

MAPS PSO Basics is a two-part Webinar that will focus on what organizations can do
    to maximize your PSO benefits by identifying Patient Safety Work Product (PSWP)
    and implementing a Patient Safety Evaluation System Policy (PSES). Materials and
    learning tools will be provided.This is exclusively for MAPS members.
    Learn more and REGISTER here for the two-part Webinar:       
  • Tuesday, March 24 at 1-2:30 pm CT
  • Thursday, May 21 at 1-2:30 pm CT
Start 2020 driven towards exlempary patient saftey practices by registering for this members only webinar!
MAPS PSO 2020 Top 10 Webinar!
January 30th, 2020
1:00-2:00 PM
Join the MAPS PSO Team for an interactive discussion case examples and best practices with content experts sharing their insights on select patient safety topics including: Social Determinants of Health, Maternal Opioid Use and ED Boarding for Behavioral Health Patients. The MAPS team will share resources, site research and engage in active discussion on these topics.
All registrants will receive the electronic version of the 2020 Top Ten white paper for use in your organization AND earn CE credit


Hospitals across the state are continuously seeking solutions for the most urgent safety concerns. To help healthcare professionals save lives and reduce harm, the Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety (MAPS) Public Safety Organization (PSO) developed a white paper that outlines evidence-based recommendations and strategies to enhance patient safety and care delivery.

The white paper is the collective output of the work MAPS’ member organizations are doing every day, fortified by expert input, thought leadership and literature review. It also has a robust collection of references for additional reading. Purchase the white paper today to use in working toward our shared goal of zero patient harm. MAPS PSO has been federally certified since 2010 and is an IHA company. To learn how MAPS can help your organization improve patient safety, email MAPS@team-iha.org.

Staff contact: Carrie Pinasco