Patient Safety Champion Program

MAPS PSO Patient Safety Champion Program Supports Our Members' Culture of Safety

How Will Champions Make a Difference in an Organization?
•Inspires pride in the champion by rewarding him/her for doing a good job and saving a patient from harm
•Motivates co-workers to focus on patient safety
•Provides organizational leadership with support for culture of safety efforts
•Helps to provide education on patient safety via the story of both the patient and the champion

Nomination Guidelines

Learn more about the nomination process.


Tips on Submitting the Nomination Form

  • We are looking for details on the event that do not involve PHI. 
  • Descriptions should be short, but give enough information to support why this individual went above and beyond.
  • Submitting more recent events will provide greater impact for shining a spotlight on how the patient was positively impacted.


MAPS PSO Patient Safety Champion Nominee Form


Thank you for submitting your nomination.  A member or our MAPS PSO team will contact you with any questions.  We appreciate your commitment to patient safety.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Carrie Pinasco at 630-276-5845 or Kelly McMahon at 630-276-5585