Midwest Alliance for Patient Safety

MAPS PSO Call for Speakers

Have new approaches, best practices or groundbreaking insights to share? We invite you to submit a speaking proposal for MAPS virtual events and other educational programs!

Utilize MAPS PSO to Share Your Knowledge!

We are looking for speakers of patient safety who: 

Show a passion and commitment to patient safety

Identify opportunities to improve patient safety

Encourage best practices and safe patient care

Exemplify and promote a culture of safety

Share knowledge on data and best practices of clinical topics

Email us at MAPSHelp@team-iha.org to discuss your organization's story.

Area of expertise
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Potential subjects include the following:

  • Patient safety improvement

  • Medication safety

  • Infection control

  • Reduction of adverse events

  • Improving readmission rates

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Innovative approaches to addressing regulations and PSO law