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MAPS Patient Safety Risk Information for Ambulatory Facilities

1. Did you know that the Illinois Medical Studies Act does not protect ambulatory facilities from legal disclosures of patient safety investigations? The act only covers the hospital.  All clinics, physician offices and specialty facilities cannot take advantage of the state’s legal protections.  

2. Monthly Emails:  All IHA members on our list serves will receive information thru December of 2022 encouraging them to plan for a safer future. Start the conversation internally to include all staff including non-clinicians and legal counsel.

As a courtesy to our Illinois healthcare providers, MAPS has a full array of webinar materials and recordings that are available on our website at MAPS Legal & Risk Education.  These webinars address current and past legal cases, as well as, the benefits of being federally protected under the PSO privileges. Your organization can listen to national legal experts discuss strengthening your patient safety programs thru legal protections.

                      *Take advantage of today’s materials and share them with staff.*