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Virtural Learning

Virtual Learning

Over the HIIN program, there have been multiple virtual learning opportunities to support hospitals with various topic areas.  Below you will find the presentations and recordings from those webinars. 
Antibiotic Stewardship Webinar: Innovation in Action
This webinar featured a Chicago community hospital that shared their experience with designing treatment guidelines, created a tracking tool.   Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago replicated the same process at Franciscan Health in Olympia Fields, who saw a decrease in antibiotic usage.    
Sepsis Webinar Series
Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to infection that can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and death. It is a medical emergency that affects at least 1.7 million adults and is attributed to 270,000 deaths annually in the US. One in three patients who die in a hospital has sepsis.
The IHA team hosted a three part webinar series with content experts from across the country who have successfully implemented evidence based protocols and tools that identify and rapidly treat septic patients across the health care continuum.
Sepsis webinar Series #1 – Sepsis:  Common, Lethal and Unrecognized  
Sepsis webinar Series #2–Sepsis Identification, Treatment and Care in Illinois  
Sepsis webinar Series #3 – Post- Sepsis Survivorship – It’s Not for Sissies   
Falls Webinar Series
Each year, millions of older adults fall, and over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized as a result of a fall injury.  From 2007 to 2016, fall death rates among adults age 65 and older have increased more than 30%.  The rising number of deaths from falls in older adults can be addressed by screening and intervening to address fall risk factors. 
During this three-part webinar series participants learned from expert Pat Quigley about the implementation science of fall injury programs, post-fall management strategies and innovation in fall and fall injury prevention. 
Falls webinar Series #1 – Implementation Science of Fall Injury Programs  
Falls webinar Series #2 – Post-Fall Management Strategies  
Falls webinar Series #3 – Innovation in Fall and Fall Injury Prevention           
HIIN Sustainability Webinar Series

Now that the HIIN program is over, The Illinois Health and Hospital Association, Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Minnesota Hospital Association and Wisconsin Hospital Association are teaming up to provide a series of educational, monthly webinars to continue improving quality and reducing harm in various areas.

The first webinar, held April 16, focused on highlighting work from the HIIN, results, and next steps.
The recording and slides are available here.

 Registration for the remainder of the series is open. All of the webinars occur from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. CT.