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Congress passed the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (PSQIA) in 2005, authorizing the creation of patient safety organizations (PSO)Learn more…

Patient Safety Work Product (PSWP) is Privileged and Confidential.  PSWP is information that a healthcare organization collects or creates during the reporting and analysis of patient safety events for the purpose of improved patient safety, health care quality, or health care outcomes. Learn more….

Confidentiality Exception: Disclosures for Patient Safety Activities are Protected. There are several exceptions to the confidentiality provisions. Learn more about the 8 required Patient Safety Activities.

Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES) or the mechanism for the collection, management or analysis of information that is reported to the PSO. Learn more

General information about PSOs is available on the AHRQ website

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Other Legal Acknowledgements

The Illinois Medical Studies Act provides privilege protections to a narrow range of activities used in the course of internal quality control or improvement of patient care. Learn more…

HIPAA Privacy Rule. Though not likely, PSWP could contain individually identifiable patient information as defined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  Learn more….

Illinois Adverse Health Care Event Reporting Law of 2005 requires the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to collect reports of certain adverse health care events in hospitals and ambulatory surgical treatment centers in Illinois. The Department is in the process of implementing this Act, but it is currently on hold. Learn more…



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Vision: To be the leading PSO that inspires the passionate pursuit of excellence in patient safety and quality care.


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